Top 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Ringworm Naturally At Home

Are you battling a tough case of ringworm? You might be able to tell if you have this uncomfortable condition by the telltale patch of itchy red skin that’s suddenly appeared on your body.

In some cases it even gets scaley, which looks disgusting! And is definitely not a look you want to keep long-term.

Despite the name, ringworm actually has nothing to do with worms. It is a highly contagious skin infection caused by fungus, and it can be difficult to treat.

If you’re dealing with a bout of this persistent infection, you know it’s unsightly, itchy, and uncomfortable. No one wants to walk around with skin that’s scaly, dry, and prone to cuts and tears.

Here, you will find out not only how to prevent ringworm but also how to cure ringworm fast.

Ringworm is not something you want to ignore.Luckily, when treated quickly and correctly, these symptoms clear up easily.

If left untreated, this skin problem can develop into a more serious infection. In some cases, it causes severe scarring and months of discomfort.

It's important to know what kind of treatments are available so you don't end up racking up a bunch of unnecessary medical bills.

The key to treating ringworm is to act fast - so pay close attention here.

There are many natural remedies you can try at home, as well as over-the-counter creams and antifungal medicines from your doctor. Before we explore which treatment is right for you, let’s take a closer look at what causes ringworm and how to prevent it in the future.

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What Is Ringworm?

In order to understand how to get rid of ringworm and how to prevent ringworm, it is first important to understand what ringworm is.

Thankfully, Dermatophytosis, ringworm isn’t caused by an actual worm or parasite. But that doesn’t mean it’s not serious.

It’s a mold-like fungus, which causes an easily-identifiable, circular rash that looks like a ring. It thrives in dirty, moist areas like public shower floors, soil, and animal beds.

Ringworm goes by many names too. If you’ve had athlete’s foot or jock itch, you’ve had a form of ringworm. It’s highly common, and can happen to anyone!

The fungus feeds off the dead cells on your skin, hair, and nails. It most often starts off on the scalp, hands, or feet and causes a red, scaly, and itchy patch that develops into the round distinctive ring.

But before you feel too self-conscious about it, having ringworm doesn't mean that you're unclean or dirty. It's sometimes unavoidable, and always unintentional.

Ringworm spreads through contact with the fungus. Here are some of the ways it spreads:

  • check
    Coming into contact with someone who is afflicted with it
  • check
    Petting or touching animals carrying the spores
  • check
    Handling or walking barefoot on infected soil
  • check
    Using objects like combs, clothes, towels, and sponges, which protect the spores

It can be overwhelming to try and shield yourself against something that seems like it could be everywhere. But preventing ringworm from happening in the first place is the best treatment against it.

So let’s investigate the best ways you can avoid it in the future.

How to Prevent Fungal Infections From Happening In The First Place

Preventing ringworm is much like preventing the spread of other infectious diseases. And while it’s possible to fix this condition, prevention is much easier than treating it!

Here are some useful tips for keeping yourself protected:

1) Keep Your Hands Clean - First of all, wash your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with a person, animal, or object that you know is infected. This will go a long way toward making sure you don’t end up with it. It also helps to keep your skin clean and dry.

2) Keep Your Clothes Clean - Washing your laundry regularly is useful, especially if you play sports. Germs thrive in areas that are moist, so anytime there is sweat involved - watch out.

3) Don’t Share Workout Clothes - Do not share uniforms with teammates and do your best to keep your own uniform and gear clean. If you’re at a gym, make sure to wipe down the equipment before using it.

4) Protect Your Feet - Wearing flip flops in locker rooms and public bathrooms is one of the easiest and most effective ways to avoid contracting the fungus. Consider wearing water shoes when headed to the local pool as the wet floors can be a breeding ground for ringworm.

5) Shower Regularly - Keep your body clean, especially after physical activity. Changing your socks and underwear at least once a day will also help prevent the infection.

As you can see, the best way to prevent ringworm is to keep your body, clothes, and environment as clean as you can.

If you do contract ringworm, acting quickly and early is the best course of action.

Look out for these distinctive symptoms:

The rash often begins with a scaly, itchy, red patch that may also have raised bumps. The patch will usually develop into what looks like a poorly-drawn circle.

The itchy spot often has raised edges, which enclose the patch like a worm.

It can occur just about anywhere on your body, though it is more common on the scalp, hands, feet, and groin. The biggest indicator of the infection is extreme itchiness.

symptoms of ringworm

It can also cause hair loss on the scalp, along with tenderness and sometimes pain.

If left untreated, ringworm tends to continue spreading over the skin of your body. It can get passed on to other people, so make sure you have minimal contact while infected. No one wants to spread infections around!

All these ringworm symptoms are no fun to endure. And if you have it, you probably want it gone fast. When you first notice the symptoms, you might want to try out a natural remedy that you can administer from home.

There are plenty of options for home remedies. Below, see what kind of treatments are available to rid yourself of this nasty infection!

How To Get Rid Of Ringworm Fast - Top Natural Remedies 

While we recommend using a treatment that will work QUICKLY to prevent the spread of infection, you CAN use home remedies for ringworm to treat this condition. Many people want to avoid paying for clinical treatments if they can find a natural cure right in their own kitchen cabinets. Here are some natural treatments you can try:

1. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy often used to treat ringworm at home. It’s a natural antiseptic, and used in many skin treatments.

To use it for ringworm, soak a cotton ball in the oil, which should ideally be body-temperature. Squeeze out the excess oil before laying it on the affected area for a few minutes, three times daily.

This essential oil specifically helps to cure ringworm that has affected the feet. The antiseptic and the anti-fungal properties of the oil makes the treatment of different skin diseases possible.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most common treatments for ringworm is apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is a natural antifungal, and apple cider vinegar is mild enough that you can apply it to your skin.

 You’ll need to look for undiluted and pure apple cider vinegar. Apply it up to five times a day with a cotton ball, for three days.

Dermatologists say that applying apple vinegar five times a day for three days provides the best results.

3. Coconut Oil

Another popular at-home treatment is coconut oil. Coconut oil is exceptional for its moisturizing properties, which help to treat the extreme itchiness and dryness of the skin caused by ringworm.

Coconut oil is particularly good for ringworm of the scalp. It should be applied at night, before going to bed.

 The oil gives the user relief from the itchy skin and also makes the affected area soft and smooth. The most common ringworm that is treated with coconut oil is the scalp ringworm. The oil needs to be applied on the affected part overnight. This eliminates the residue and the build-up of infection.

These methods are great for a mild case of ringworm that’s caught in the early stages. They can be very effective when done correctly.

However, like many home treatments, they’re not guaranteed and they’re not the fastest option available.

In fact, home remedies can sometimes make the problem worse. In the time they need to take effect, the fungus can spread to a different part of your body or to people around you.

Time is of the essence when dealing with this troublesome problem. It may be best to use an antifungal cream with proven, clinical results you know will stop the spread of the infection.

There are many creams available, but you don’t want to waste time with one that doesn’t work or is too expensive. Find a cream that’s proven to work and doesn’t break the bank.

Luckily, there’s one cream that really fits these criteria. Purya Balm, which was specifically developed for ringworm, is one of the most effective treatments for ringworm. This specialty ointment is one of the best products packed with effective ingredients proven to work quickly.

Here’s why we recommend Purya Balm as the best choice for treating ringworm FAST.

Looking for the Fastest Way to Get Rid of This Fungus? Here’s How to Treat Ringworm in the Quickest Way Possible

When you contract ringworm, you might think it’s not a big deal and try to treat it with home remedies. While this works for some, in most cases it turns into a bigger problem when home treatments just don’t cut it.

This is what happened to one patient, Andrew S.

Andrew developed athlete's foot and didn’t want to waste money on a clinical treatment. He tried using apple cider vinegar. The vinegar helped ease the symptoms, but didn’t actually clear up the infection.

The infection spread to Andrew’s hands. When ringworm surrounds the fingernails, it can cause the nails to break and swell with the fungus.

Andrew recognized he was dealing with a larger problem. Quickly, he opted for a cream recommended to him by his dermatologist - Phytozine.

The results were almost immediate, helping to relieve the itchy and scaly skin while destroying the fungus.

When dealing with a highly contagious, relentless fungus like ringworm, it’s recommended you turn to a cream like Phytozine first. This will save you money in the long run, and lessen the time you have to endure the patches of the infection.

Many people, like Andrew, don’t want to spend money on what they think is a small skin irritation. They may not trust the ingredients put into clinical creams. But what they’re really doing is contaminating their house and risking the health of their friends, family, and pets.

It was developed as a fast acting treatment for ringworm and is our #1 recommendation if you want to avoid taking the risk of spreading infection by waiting to see if something else works.

Here’s a closer look at how it rapidly treats ringworm.

How to Use the Fastest-Acting Cream Available to Get Rid of Your Fungal Infection as Soon as Possible!

It is the best treatment for ringworm because it was developed specifically for the fungus. It’s the best option for most people, because it is:

  • Fast and effective
  • Scientifically proven to give results
  • Affordable
  • Made of natural and key medical ingredients to treat and heal at the same time

Using Phytozine is easy. The cream is applied twice a day onto the cleaned and dried skin of the affected area. It starts working immediately.
The reason why it works so fast is it uses BOTH natural ingredients and proven, safe medicine to deliver a one-two punch to ringworm.

Packed with tea tree oil, camphor oil, and avena extracts, the natural ingredients moisturize the area and help ease itchiness right away. These quality oils also help prevent any marking or scarring.

Meanwhile, the active ingredient Tolnaftate destroys the fungus. Tolnaftate is the best medicine for treating the ringworm fungus. After application, the area will feel cooler and less itchy immediately.

It is the best option because it combines natural remedies with proven, effective, and safe clinical treatment.

There are hundreds of verified reviews that prove It works more quickly and effectively than any other method.

Let’s see what others have to say about using this treatment:

 Tracy N. 


I work in a gym, so I’m prone to ringworm. It used to be a major pain, but this cream really does nip it in the bud. We keep a couple tubes around at all times now.

Amanda B.


Lifesaver. I’m pregnant and was looking for something safe to use. Worked well and didn’t leave any mark

Jason P.


As someone who’s had athlete’s foot about 12 times, this is the only thing that works fast. Worth every penny.

It is safe, natural, and fast. It’s proven to treat ringworm quickly and effectively. Don’t waste any more time with methods that take a long time. Stop the spread of this nasty infection today!

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One tube is only $39.95, and will last for 1 month of use. This incredible value means you’re paying only about $1 a day to treat a tricky and persistent fungal infection.

You can also buy in bulk if you work or live in an environment where you’re more susceptible to contracting ringworm.

Buy 2, and get 1 free for a 3-month supply at just $79.90.

Or you can buy 3, and get 2 free for a 5-month supply at $119.85.

Visit the official site and check out these incredible deals where you can also purchase the cream. It provides a 60-day guarantee, so there’s no risk.

Right now you have a few options - you can:

  1. Ignore the itchy, scaly skin and risk scarring and bacterial infection
  2. Try a home remedy and cross your fingers that it works
  3. Or, you can buy this proven, effective, and safe cream to clear up your infection TODAY

Stock up on Phytozine to make sure you never have a bad case of ringworm again! No other treatment uses both natural and medicinal ingredients so effectively in one package.

Don’t take the risk of waiting and possibly spreading the infection - making it even worse.

ringworm how to get rid of

When and how to apply?

It works inside the skin of the area that has been affected by ringworms to treat the ringworms present on your skin. The cream needs to be applied two times a day until the patches disappear. Once the ointment has been applied, it works on the area that has been affected leaving behind a soothing and cooling sensation which helps to reduce the scaly skin and the itchiness of the skin while also curbing the irritation.

Some Pros 

The cream has some advantages because of which it is the best remedy for how to get rid of ringworm.

  • Firstly, it is a powerful cream which contains anti-fungal properties for the effective treatment of how to cure ringworm fast.
  • Secondly, the cream contains one of the essential ingredients needed for the treatment of ringworm – Tolnaftate.
  • The greatest benefit of the cream is that you don’t need a prescription to use the cream. The cream is extremely easy to use and is also safe which is why it can be used by nursing mothers as well as by pregnant women.
  • Cheap compared to other methods of eliminating ringworms.
  • Does not leave marks after treatment.


  • Moreover, the ingredients that are used in the cream are of the highest quality. The only disadvantage of the cream is that it can be purchased online.

In conclusion, from many Phytozine reviews done before, it shows that the product is very effective in the treatment of ringworms. The use of the cream must be according to the direction given for the effective results. Phytozine is available at most major online stores, it is important to ensure that you get the original product. This will not only assure you of the best outcome but also safeguard your skin from any complications that might come up from the use of a low-quality product.